Charging Issues with a Samsung Phone

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So, your Samsung phone refuses to charge like the way it used too and getting it to become fully charged takes double the time or even more than that. Before you get all frustrated and start the trip to a repair store, or start questioning Samsung’s overall production capability, and decide to get a new phone, we have compiled a list of various DIY methods that you can try before concluding that there is a major issue with your Samsung phone. Most of the time it just minute things that might not matter to us, but the capabilities of the phone might be affected by the same, so you can try them out see if it improves your charging speed, which is the case almost 50-70% or then make the travel to your Samsung outlet.

1. Remove Dust, Lint from Jeans and other impurities

Sometimes the culprit just might be the dust and other particles that just might enter your USB port after daily use with the passing of time. Though people generally don’t seem to look into the matter, your USB port might be packed with a good layer of dust which might threaten the connectivity among the sockets, and a gentle swap with a cotton swab or blowing in air at high speed might just fix this simple problem

2. Look into the Adapter

There have also been cases of adapters being the root of the issue. At times, after endless plugging in and out, phone charging adapters may tend to become less reliable unless handled properly.

Before you start blaming you Samsung Galaxy Note for the misery it has brought you, you can try charging another phone with the same adapter and check the adapter’s functionality instead. Also check your wall socket, that the connection is proper with the adapter.

3. Try a different Cable

Sometimes the endless flexing and wrapping of the cables can make the wires inside vulnerable to poor functionality. The easiest fix here is to try charging with a different USB cable which is in a better condition then the one you are using currently.

4. Change the Battery

Though most phones now don’t have detachable batteries, but for some reason if you are still using older phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S4, you can try removing the battery and trying a new one instead. Phone batteries don’t last lifelong and faulty batteries not able store the power might also be the problem behind the whole breakdown. Rather then giving your for repair, you can try replacing the battery with anew one which can be easily purchased online or even locally.

5. Change the Power Source

We all know that charging through the USB port of the computer wont even deliver half the power that is put forward by a wall socket. But at times of a faulty wall socket or a less powerful one, which is not meant for smartphones, the socket might just fail to deliver the power that is required for the charging or the fast charging capabilities of the new generation of phones. Changing the socket, with a genuine Samsung adapter or even another one that deals with smartphones on a regular basis might just be the most overlooked of all the things mentioned here.

6. Update or Roll Back updates in your device

Updating the operating system of your phone takes a lot out of it and updating old phones to current/latest software tend to kill the battery viability over time. The updates are meant for newer devices with better hardware capabilities compared to the one you are using in your hands, or even if the update has been rolled out for your device, it might be in its initial stage where some specific issues got overlooked. You can wait for Samsung to fix that with a newer version of the same after they are done fixing the bugs and errors.

Another solution to the same, is doing a factory reset of your phone that roll back all the updates and also all the data available in your phone and restore to the original configuration from the time of you buying it. This is meant to clarify any mistakes or incidental changes that might have occurred in the phone including unnecessary updates that effect your phones functionality.

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