How To Find A Repair Store In Perth To Suit Your Needs

Repairs. They’re Essential.

The average Australian spends well over 5 hours on their smartphone. Cracked displays, worn batteries

& broken home buttons make basic use difficult, not to mention annoying. Despite this, it’s still difficult

convincing yourself to spend money repairing your device. Well, there are a few things to think about

when you’re in this ‘on the fence’ situation.

If you plan on selling your damaged device at the end of your contract you’re losing out

on hundreds of dollars! The moment buyers read ‘cracked’ their pockets become very

shallow. They no longer intend to pay current market value for your device, even if the

damage is minor. This makes a simple display repair capable of adding value to your

device, even into the hundreds of dollars.

Another incentive to have your device repaired are carrier upgrade programs. If you’ve

finished a 24-month contract, or are looking to Trade Up with a carrier early, you’ll be

locked out of these offers. Devices that have damage which isn’t listed as ‘normal’ wear

and tear result in hefty $499 fee’s on both Optus and Telstra’s Lease plans. Qualified

and capable repair stores can remove this fee by repairing your device as good as new.

But only if they’ve used quality replacement materials that don’t void warranty.

Don’t be Cheap. It’ll cost you.

It’s easy to look for the cheapest repair offers available. Though, there’s almost always a catch with

cheap repairs – low-grade repair parts. Using defective parts can void your warranty, and increase the

likeliness of further damage. Inferior components are fragile and can even stop your device surviving a


There are countless indicators that become clear when having repairs done by cheaper and less

capable repair shops.

Indicators often include;

Off-white/creamy iPhone displays

Displays with dead pixels

Oddly textured casings

Low display brightness

Unresponsive displays with age

Sadly, it’s impossible to see which parts a repair store uses, the indicators above should be cause for

concern when choosing cheaper stores. A repair should rejuvenate a damaged device, not cripple it


Searching for a repair shop should always include more than a simple Google search. There are many

factors to think about such as; reviews, professionalism as well as a fixed price. Remember, most

stores have a certification to show they are certified to repair your brand of device.

What Should you Expect to Pay?

It’s always tempting to choose the cheapest option. But don’t forget, a substandard repair can reduce

your smartphone’s value from thousands of dollars to a just few hundred – or nothing. Subpar battery

replacements may not only reduce the lifespan of your device but could even catch fire and ruin the

entire device.

This highlights the importance of selecting a repair store that is a great middle ground between quality

and affordability. You can expect to pay, on average, $449 for a screen replacement on the new

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or $229 for an iPhone 7 Plus. Repair stores offering repairs for prices lower

than this are, unfortunately, using subpar materials and creating unnecessary risk. There is a baseline

price for smartphone parts, always remember that.

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