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Some Common Computer Issues and How To Get Them Repaired?

Technology no matter how advanced can fail, and fail in a time when you need it most. It is a fact that any electronic devices may crash anytime and without any prior notice. A bunch of reasons may contribute to this, we as the user continue to use the device hoping that it will last forever. Personal computers also fall victim to this failure and we’ll be going through some of the issues below. Your computer repair could be costly or cheap depending on the problem; sometimes the problem is just too basic as to get rid of it you need to pay a few pennies but sometimes you may need to replace the whole system. Here is the list of common issues one may face with its PC and how to get rid of them. I will also share my note on whether DIY is a better option for computer repairing or not.

PC Slows down:

This problem is the most common one and most people really don’t know how to solve it. Slowdowns occur as the PC gets older, however, due maintenance may help in keeping its processor clock ticking with speed. The issue may occur due to many reasons but the solution is simple and easy, clean registry, remove cache and update programs. Defragmentation and disk cleaning may also do the job.


Another issue that most users face, the causes are shareware programs that once load free but demand paid upgrades after some time. Fixing this issue is also very easy as you can perform only a few diagnostic steps to completely remove it. However, for the complete satisfaction, it’s a good approach to hire a company or freelancer for PC fixing.


Applications or windows may crash due to hundreds of reasons. This may be due to an unresponsive application, a virus-infected file, faulty hardware or an outdated driver. It is better to get the PC fixed by the technician in this case as finding the exact cause may be difficult for the layperson.

Blue Screen:

It is a death screen as the user loses control over PC and can only see a blue screen. It may be triggered because of any issue but hardware malfunction is mostly the cause. Fixing this problem requires great familiarity with hardware devices and should be left for the technician or expert.

Strange noises:

This is generally a sign of hardware malfunction and the computer repair requires hardware expertise to solve the issue. A damaged or broken piece may make noises so always keep an ear out on your laptop particularly an older model.


Like any other electronic device, PCs can also fail sometimes. There are many different reasons for this and while basic knowledge of computer repair may help fix a few small issues it is not everybody’s task. Big or small, a malfunction with an electronic device is serious and it is a good idea to leave the fixing to the experts. Fixing costs are also not very high and you can you get any issue sorted out in just a few dollars. DIY with electronic devices is certainly not a wise thing to do without prior experience.

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