FREE Pick Up and Drop Off Service!

We aim to make things easy for you. With our new service we do all the leg work and can pick up you device from your location, repair it and then return it to you once it has been completed at no extra charge.

We generally offer this service to customers in a 10km radius of our business but give us a call and exceptions can be made.

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Data Recovery Service For Perth and Surrounding Suburbs.

Perth Phone Fix Retrieves Data From A Wide Range Of Devices.


• The best IT support in Perth.

• All services completed at affordable prices.

• Fast and reliable data recovery.

• Including Apple and Android devices.

• Retrieve lost media from GoPro.

• Data recovery from external hard drives.

• Recover data from deleted USB & SD Cards.

It’s not uncommon for hard disks, SD cards and SSD’s to fail unexpectedly, leaving you with no access

to your data or personal information. But before you start to panic, it’s a good idea to explore your

options first. Data recovery services are available for a range of issues including hard disk failure,

accidental deletion, and disk formatting.

It may seem impossible to recover the lost data from your smartphone or computer caused by water

damage or just spontaneous failure. Lost or deleted data can often be retrieved by qualified

technicians using specialised equipment that is designed to recover or repair damaged disks.

If you’re unsure how you’ve lost your data, there are a few things to consider;

You may have formatted your device, hard disk or SD card

Water damage

Failure from age


Retrieving Data From Mobile Phone Is Not As Difficult As You Think!

• Find lost iPhone files and photos.

• Recover deleted data from Samsung devices.

• Retrieve lost data from Sony devices.

• Nokia lost data retrieval.

• Professional service ensures we will find a fix.

It may seem like a complex or impossible task to recover data from damaged smartphones, as these

devices are perceived as more ‘disposable’ than laptops or desktop computers. Most people just

replace a damaged smartphone and accept the fact their data is gone. However, this doesn’t have to

be the only option.

An advantage of mobile phones being so ubiquitous is that there are endless products, services, and

repair agencies working to find new ways to find your missing data. Using specially designed tools and

software, Perth Phone Fix offers a fully comprehensive repair and data recovery service to retrieve the

lost or deleted files from your device.


Proudly Retrieving Information From All Major Brand Laptops.


• Hard drive repair and data recovery.

• Professional equipment ensures the best chance at recovery.

• Repair hard disk and solid state issues.

• Servicing all laptops including, Mac, Dell, Toshiba.


Our most important work is done on our laptops and losing this work because of a HDD or SSD failure,

or even accidental deletion can instantly cause a panic. It may seem like your files are lost forever and

you’ll have to start everything again.

Luckily there are many options for data retrieval from laptops and 2-in-1’s. The expert staff at Perth

Phone Fix have the experience and tools to dig deep within your laptop and find the what’s causing the

problem and whether your data can be retrieved.

In most cases laptops ‘die’ from a software failure, essentially killing any chance of the device booting

up, which means your data recovery may be easier than if it were a hardware problem. Our team can

assess your device and determine what the issue is right away and determine the best and most

effective way to recover your lost data.


Bring Us Your Desktop Computer For A Fast Fix.


• Software failure assessment.

• Hard Disk repair and data retrieval.

• Quick turnaround to get you back to work.


Almost all desktops are often more accessible than laptops and normally include detachable parts.

This means it’s very likely that our data recovery service will be able to access and retrieve data lost on

your desktop computer.

If your hard drive is entirely ‘dead’ our team can assess and determine its condition and whether it is

repairable and whether the data can be retrieved. Deleted or lost files may also be retrieved depending

on the condition of your device. We know that sometimes files can be deleted no matter how important

they are, and finding them is vital.

Using specialised software, we may even be able to retrieve deleted files. Even if they have been lost

during a hard disk format.

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