iPhone Evolution

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How Has The iPhone Evolved?

Apple’s revolutionary iPhones has come a long way in the smartphone market making its debut back in 2007, with Steve Jobs himself introducing the original ‘iPhone;’ to the masses. Now in early 2018, their prime product, the iPhone X is one of the top flagship phones in terms of futuristic style and cutting-edge technology to be available in the palm of your hands. Today, we go through the pages of time, and see how the iPhone has evolved all the way from their first release to their latest.

1. iPhone ( Released- June, 2007)

The 1st generation iPhone was introduced as a smartphone like no other having key features like the iPhone OS, a 2-megapixel camera, animations, and multi- touch gestures over a 3.5inch diagonal screen.

Not only did the phone only rely 2G or EDGE service, they did possess anything that you see in a current day mobile, like No App Store. Marketed by Steve Jobs himself, the phone was available in 4,8, or 16GB storage options and priced at $499 for the 8GB model.

2. iPhone 3 (Released- June,2008)

The 1st iPhone to feature connectivity to the 3G network, GPS and a price tag much lesser compared to their 1st release at $199 and $200 for their 8 and 16GB versions respectively. The iPhone 3G wowed their fans featuring things like AppStore and reduced price which was achieved by changing the design material.

3. iPhone 3GS (Released- June,2009)

The 1st S Model of the many to come in the years to follow, the 3GS came with a faster processor, and a better and improved 3-megapixel camera, the first one to feature video recording followed by MMS support. The crowd were again greeted with user experience improving features like the ‘Copy and Paste’ and price to attract more and more people with the 8GB model available at just $99.

4. iPhone 4 (Released- June, 2010)

Within a stainless-steel frame, that doubled as the phone’s antenna, the iPhone 4 was the 1st that featured the now popular ‘FaceTime’ and ‘Retina Display’ with the front facing camera and also improved hardware and software capabilities.

5. iPhone 4S (Released- June, 2011)

Focusing mainly on internal and software improvements and introduced one day prior to Steve Job’s passing, the iPhone 4S featured a dual core processor over their own A5 chips and iOS 5 as their newest addition with the 1st appearance of Siri, Apple’s own virtual assistant and also the iMessage, their messaging platform.

6. iPhone 5 (Released- September, 2012)

A faster, slimmer and 4inch screen upgrade to their then 4S Model, and the 1st iPhone to feature LTE connectivity and the current lightning cable in place of the standard 30pin connector.

7. iPhone 5S/5C (Released- September, 2013)

2013 saw two more variants being added to the iPhone arsenal, with the 5C being a cheaper and more colourful plastic alternative. While the 5S featured the fingerprint scanner, and subsequent TouchID features along with the stunning iOS 7 that was promised by Tim Cooke, the new man in the company’s management. This was also the 1st time that the iPhone had more options in terms of choice of colour.

8. iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus (Released- September, 2014)

A slimmer 4.7 inch or 5.5-inch upgrade featuring NFC for the 1st time, a 8 MP camera and various new tweaks to its internal hardware and software capabilities like TouchID and ApplePay were present in the 6 and 6 Plus. While the 6S and 6S Plus had even more upgrades like, LivePhotos, 12 MP Camera, faster LTE/WiFi amongst mentioning a few

9. iPhone SE (Released- March, 2016)

A 4-inch option that looked similar to the 5S, but with hardware and software capabilities comparable to the newer iPhones.

10. iPhone 7/7 Plus (Released- September, 2016)

Wow factors for the iPhone 7 included a dual camera setup, for high quality photography and also a record slimmer size with the elimination of the 3.5mm earphone jack and introduction to their AirPods.

11. iPhone 8/8 Plus (Released- September, 2017)

Featuring a 6 Core CPU with a reminiscing glass design from the iPhone 4, the iPhone had huge boosts to software upgrades with a 30% faster GPU, 25% better and deeper sound, and also the ability to record 4K grade videos, all at the starting price of $699 for the 1st model in this variant.

12. iPhone X (Released- September,2017)

With a whooping price starting at $999, the iPhone X is Apple’s current flagship phone that features a 5.8inch TRUE OLED Screen, a few from its kind to feature ‘FaceID’, its most talked about feature which enables using your own face to unlock various features of the phone, among its basic purpose. As Animoji and other subsequent features get introduced gradually, we cant wait to see what Apple has in store for us in the coming future of mobile technology.

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