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So, you’ve accidentally dropped your Samsung phone for the 101st time, and even though you laugh at your friends with their Apple phones for being weak and not sturdy, you are greeted weird mosaic pattern over your screen. Well, this just might be karma playing tit for tat with you, and most people tend to lose a lot after they discover that their phone’s glass just cracked and that their warranty won’t be able to do much about it. This is a very common but unfortunate thing to happen to anybody and we have tried our best to come up with the best planned approach to getting your Samsung mobile phone fixed and running like nothing ever happened to it.

At first, we see how much damage has actually happened to the operating process of the whole device. If we can still use the phone to do regular stuff like calls, and messaging then it just might be scratches on the top layer of the screen with minimal issues in the inside. If you are Ok with a slightly damaged screen and choose to be more careful for the times to come, this just might be your way out and you can pretend that the scratches don’t exist at all and nothing ever happened to your phone on the 1st place.

But at times you might not be lucky, and your Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Note will become unfunctional that won’t turn on, shows weird colours or starts doing things on its own from time to time. Your only valid approach now is to get the screen fixed which can be done in 3 different ways, Approaching the Manufacture, Approaching a Third Party, or if you consider yourself skilled enough to try it Manually which requires some expert skill level in doing delicate engineering stuff.

Your best option out of the 3 if that is possible, is to Approach the Manufacturer, that is going to a Samsung Store or a Samsung certified seller, who for maybe 60-80% of your original price fully restore your phone to its brand-new condition with your warranty remaining intact as well. Another thing you can do with your warranty while purchasing your phone is going for a Samsung Protection Plus Plan, which gives your phone an extended one year or two mechanical/accidental damage warranty for an additional $99 or $129 USD respectively. So, if anything happens to your phone in the 1st 2 years even accidently you can just hand the store your phone, and in a day or two you will have a new factory refurbished phone.

Your second option if you are looking to save some money is Approaching a third-party repair store in your city who might just get the work done at maybe 35-60% of your phone’s original price depending on the popularity/expertise being offered at the respective outlet and phone. This is your ideal option if you want to save some bucks and get your phone restored to a brand state in less than a day’s time or maybe only in a few hours though the catch is your original warranty might be hampered, if that’s still applicable and the fact that you are putting your phone’s fate on that very shop or person.

The third and the final option available if you are looking for some kind of a challenge or consider yourself to be skilled enough is to repairing the broken phone yourself which can be done in less than 6 hours’ time, if you have all the required equipment and phone components purchased beforehand. The equipment include a Heat Gun, a Spudger both being of high priority. Followed by a basic mechanical toolbox for screws and stuff. The integral phone component of the phone, which you should not be hard to guess, the screen can be purchased at eBay or even locally, if you know the right places. I don’t see myself as an engineer, so I didn’t go ahead with the procedure, though I have seen the repair being done live and somebody with an experience in operating the same machinery will be able to succeed easily. If you are trying it for the 1st time, there are several videos available in YouTube that will guide you through the whole process step by step.

I hope this article helps you decide the best plan of action for your broken Samsung phone and I hope that you will try to be more cautious in the future with one of your favourite/essential daily needs.

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