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FREE Pick Up and Drop Off Service!

We aim to make things easy for you. With our new service we do all the leg work and can pick up you device from your location, repair it and then return it to you once it has been completed at no extra charge.

We generally offer this service to customers in a 15km radius of our business but give us a call and exceptions can be made.

iPhone SE Repairs – All Apple Devices In One Place!

You’re not the only one who misses the iPhone 5, Apple does too. The iPhone SE is a powerful rebuilt iPhone 5, with 6s internals. This phone is the ultimate powerhouse in a small package. A 12MP camera, TouchID, headphone jack and a 4inch Retina display make the iPhone SE the worlds best small smartphone.

If your iPhone SE is cracked or has battery issues, the team at Perth Phone Fix can have the SE repaired in less than an hour, at the most affordable price in Perth! The iPhone SE may also need charging port replacements or new buttons and we can do that too.

Contact us today for the most affordable and fast iPhone SE repair in Perth.

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