Kid-Friendly Places Ideal for Families to Visit during Holidays

Are you planning to take a family day this weekend? Are you looking for the best place where you and your family can spend the whole day without getting bored? Getting your children get out of your house and maybe educating them a thing or two with a collection of education and fun activities is crucial and Rockingham has it all for you. Following is the list of some of the best places for you and your kids to enjoy.


Does your kid need to see all corners of a new place because they cannot live with the idea they might miss something? Then Rottnest Island is certain to offer them something interesting to find. In case you didn’t know yet, Rottnest Island has many fun activities to explore. You can try fish off the jetty, mini-golf and try snorkeling to see the shipwrecks or just allow your children to enjoy a day at the beach.


If your kid is the one who is active, then Jungle Gym is the perfect playground for him or her. Without physical education classes to keep them moving and active, the temptation of the couch can prove to be too tempting for them. Get them up and enjoying in Jungle Gym.


On the other hand, AQWA is home to forty exhibits that show the diversity of the marine life of Western Australia. Some highlight is the Marmion Marine Park where you can freely interact along with sea creatures in the pool as well as the DANGERzone where you’ll see lots of animals, which are experts in devouring and catching their prey.


For those who have kids that are fond of animals, Perth Zoo is the ideal place for you. Perth Zoo is known for having the most thriving Sumatran orangutan-breeding program around the world. Make no mistake, as these creatures are captivating to see and it can offer hours of fun. However, there are other different animals, which will bring out the passion for animals in any children too. While several zoos have huge animals, Perth Zoo has gathered endangered, rare species, which need just as much assistance, if not more.


Do you want some adrenaline rush? Get your children running around and playing. You won’t believe all the fun they could have on their visit to the Kings Park while you observe them from your relaxed spot in the shade. Further, kids will surely love many play areas around the park. When they get bored of one, you will find other unique experiences each one provides. You can also bring them to the Rio Tinto Naturespace, wherein they can interact with the environment, or maybe the Synergy Parkland where your children will enjoy the wonderful dinosaur-period themed play area.

These places will surely have your family bonding a gadget-free summer. No matter what your kid’s personality, there’s something in Rockingham for your kids to enjoy during holidays.

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