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FREE Pick Up and Drop Off Service!

We aim to make things easy for you. With our new service we do all the leg work and can pick up you device from your location, repair it and then return it to you once it has been completed at no extra charge.

We generally offer this service to customers in a 10km radius of our business but give us a call and exceptions can be made.

All The Latest Mobile Phone Accessories And Parts

  • Stocking only the best in class parts

  • A focus on affordable accessories

  • Rapid charge battery chargers and battery banks

  • Accessories for both Apple and Android

  • Elegant and durable cases

  • A local store serving the local Perth community

The best way to compliment your smartphone, and make it more fun to use, is a new case and other great accessories, like battery banks. If you’re unhappy with your smartphone’s battery life or have a career that requires hours of smartphone time, it’s a great idea to grab a battery bank or charging case to get you those extra hours. For those with lifestyle’s that don’t fit with a smartphone wrapped in glass, then we have a range of robust cases to protect your smartphone and prevent cracked screens and bending.



The Strongest Screen Protection At Perth Phone Fix


  • Tempered glass and plastic iPhone screen protection

  • Samsung Infinity Display protectors

  • Available for Sony and Nokia

  • Scratch Resistant tempered glass

A durable screen protector provides an essential layer of protection for your smartphone’s display.

Don’t run the risk of a shattered display or deep scratches ruining your experience and resale value. We offer a range of screen protectors for all devices, as well as tempered glass and plastic screen protectors. Additionally, professional application gives your device an added layer of protection, and the peace of mind you need to use your phone freely without the worry of it being scratched.

Look After Your Pride And Joy With Our Phone Cases

  • Waterproof and LifeProof cases

  • Durable shock proof cases

  • Samsung and iPhone compatible

  • Also available for Sony and Nokia

A case isn’t just for protecting your smartphone. Combine beauty with function and choose a great case to compliment your personal style. You can even give your phone new features to suit your lifestyle, like waterproofing and shock resistance. We stock a range of smartphone cases from all major brands like LifeProof, as well as generic cases designed for all popular devices. We stand by each of our cases and ensure it’s durability and longevity, so no matter which you choose, you’ll know it’s up to our standard.



Battery Chargers That Will Bring Your Phone To Life


  • USB and Car Charging accessories

  • Portable battery banks and cases

  • Fast Chargers

  • Designed for all people smartphones

As our smartphones become more feature packed and we do more with them, battery life has taken a hit. You can dramatically improve battery life, and use your smartphone for longer, by utilising a portable battery bank, or battery case. Each of our battery cases and portable chargers is MFI certified and meet industry standards, so you don’t run the risk of a damaged smartphone battery. You can also charge your smartphone faster too, with Rapid Charge and fast charge technology you can charge your device in less than an hour, depending on your device.

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