My Day Exploring The Perth CBD

Perth often has a poorly earned reputation as being dull and quite. Everything is closed early, they generally have one sporting even a week and don’t get me started on the daylight saving debacle. Truth be told after walking around the Perth CBD for a few hours the other day I feel that we are being lied to, I don’t think the locals actually want us around. The city was brilliant!

There was a mountain of stuff to do, the difference is a lot of other capital cities through it in your face, it is easy to see, it is hustle and bustle everywhere. The city on the West Coast is a secret. You have to get amongst it and then the true colour of the city reveals itself. On most corners there are brilliant little cafes and small markets hidden down alleyways. I left turn here and a right there and you are in a completely different part of town. It is it’s own world, one that I think these Sand Groupers have been trying to keep hidden from us, why?? It’s peaceful!

Yes the city isn’t as busy or ‘happening’ as some other places but that is a good thing, it means there are spots to sit town and take it all in. I even wandered over to Kings Park to take a view of the city and its foreshores. Despite being only a short walk away I could enjoy some piece and quiet.

Now don’t get me wrong there are the busy moments as well which allow you to get into the think of it if you want to. On a Weekend night Northbridge comes alive as well as the CBD and Leederville. Talk about options, each area has it’s own unique array of bars, clubs and pubs. Some are easy to spot along the main drag and like the little cafes’ some are tucked away which means short lines, cheap drinks and often a place to sit down and rest before hitting the streets again.

In it’s own way being the most isolated city in the world has it’s benefits, it feels almost secluded from the rest of the world, if you work in the city you can get in and out to neighbouring suburbs relatively quickly and actually have some affordable homes to live in. Some of the East Coast cities could take a lesson from this. It allows you to get the best elements of the city without having to compromise on space, traffic, noise and all of the other things associated with living in or near a big city. The reality is there is a huge amount of things to do, the difference is Perth doesn’t throw it in your face. If you want to go out and be adventurous then do it. If you’d rather be quiet and take it easy for the day you can relax quite peacefully on the foreshore. There are many options of activities to do but Perth definitely likes to keep these hidden away.

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