Exploring the Core of Perth’s Culture with Perth Cultural Centres

The Perth Cultural Centre serves as the core of Perth’s arts and culture. It is a community, the most popular meeting place of both locals and visitors looking to explore and indulge in the cultural beauty of the city.

The arts and culture community sits between the centre of the city and Northbridge. Serving as the cultural heart of Perth, it is where you can find a vibrant coalescence of music, art, festivals, food and entertainment.

Home to Major Cultural and Education Institutions in Western Australia

The Perth Cultural Centre is where you some of the major educational and cultural institutions in Western Australia are located. For visitors searching their way through the different venues and trying to get to these cultural and educational institutions, they will find the Perth Cultural Centre to be filled with signage linking every destination.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is one of the cultural institutions you can explore while in Perth Cultural Centre. In here, you can find collections and programs of wide array of arts as well as stimulating exhibitions of unique art encounters. At the Art Gallery of Western Australia, you will be able to witness the beauty of the Australian Indigenous art and the magnificent art of the world.

Founded in 1895, the Art Gallery of Western Australia occupies three heritage buildings located at Perth Cultural Centre to the southeastern corner. It is popular destination for visitors especially those who are interested in the State Art Collection. The State Art Collection is one of the luxury collections of Indigenous art in the world.

State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

For visitors interested in contemporary performing arts like dance and theatre, the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia is the place to go in Perth Cultural Centre. The theatre centre presents diverse ways focusing on local, national and international professional and contemporary work. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, State Theatre Centre offers functional and inspiring venue for both performers and audiences.

Urban Orchard

The Urban Orchard was once only a neglected area located at a car park in Perth Cultural Centre. Today, the orchard serves as a perfect spot where you can eat lunch with family and friends and understand the importance of consuming fresh food better. After transforming the rooftop into Urban Orchard, it has now become one of the newest destinations for events and

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