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Phone Prices

Damaged smartphones are worth far less than their immaculate counterparts. A quick browse through eBay or Gumtree will show
that smartphones with a damaged screen are sold for hundreds below their fair market value, which is often far less than the price of a repair.
When you’re considering selling your smartphone for the absolute highest price, and it’s damaged, having that fixed can add hundreds to the price.
As display glass is cosmetic, to a point, it affects the first perception of your device.
When potential buyers see that your smartphone has a ‘cracked screen’ they instantly have no intention to pay full price or even a fair market value.
This leaves money on the table if you’re trying to sell for the highest price.
A repair can add value to your device, even more value than the cost of the repair.

Repair’s Increase Sale Value

The average cost of a display repair sits around $99 for older models and up to $449 for newer ones.
Display repairs, in particular, can often add over $300 to the resale value of newer high-end devices.
Simply speaking, this makes a display replacement an investment.
Damaged smartphones, even with their cheaper price, take longer to sell. On average, damaged iPhone
and Samsung devices take roughly 2 weeks longer to sell than their undamaged counterparts. This
presents a problem if you’re in a hurry to sell your device. A quality repair store can take away this
problem. Most repairs only take an hour or two, and you’re right on your way to selling your device at a
high price, and fast.
Getting into specifics, selling smartphones or tablets with minor or major cosmetic damage that can
be easily fixed, is losing you money. An aged iPhone 5s with a cracked display will sell for around $99 in
online stores, whereas the same model in refurbished condition can fetch over $300! Factoring in a
$99 display repair with the new sale price of $300, you’re still making an extra $100.
This higher sale price is a great incentive to consider a refurbishment of your device. Refurbish your
devices before sale through online stores like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. If it’s broken, fix it.

Professional Repairs

Aside from increasing value and usability, it’s vital that you choose a certified, professional and
trustworthy repair store. A store that uses high quality and genuine replacement parts. This will ensure
your warranty isn’t void if manufacturers need to take a look at your device.
Apple has recently updated its warranty information stating that third-party repairs no longer void
warranty. Great news for those of us who prefer to use faster and more affordable repair stores.
Repairs using non-genuine or generally bad parts can instantly tell carrier or manufacturers that your
device has been repaired by an uncertified store and runs the risk of voiding your warranty on a $1000+
handset. A qualified and capable repair store will not only ensure your device is repaired correctly, with
the highest quality parts, but can also repair your device swiftly, often in less than 60 minutes.
Repairs are a great way to refresh your device and get you the highest possible return on your the sale of your device.

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