‘No Service’ Issues with iPhone

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Resolving “No Service” in your iPhone

The “No Service” message is a downer for any iPhone user as it makes them unable to operate their phone for its basic functionality like a call or a message. You expect it to go away but there are times when this issue stays, and you start to panicking over the possible problems and diagnosis. Sometimes the problem causes the battery to die, and it may worsen with time. We try our best in this article, to list out all the things that you can try with your phone before start contacting the SIM or iPhone people.

The possible reasons to the root of this issue, include

  1. Poor Network Coverage Area

  2. Software Issues

  3. Damaged SIM Card

  4. Placement of sim card not proper

#1 Software Update

We should make sure that our iPhone is up-to-date. Updating our iOS or checking for updates is a fairly easy task, and should be done regularly to keep a check on bugs, improve the performance and general features of the phone as well. There are 2 approaches we can take

  1. Wireless Update

    • Go to Settings

    • Go to General option

    • Click on Software Update(if available)

    • Click on Downlaod

    • Accept the Terms and Conditions

    • Install the update

  2. iTunes

    • Connect device to computer using lightning cable.

    • iTunes should open automatically, if not, open iTunes

    • Select your Device

    • Select Summary tab

    • Click on ‘Check for Update’

    • Update, if available

Note- Make sure you trust this device from your iPhone, or it won’t show in iTunes

#2 Check Cellular Data Settings

Check your cellular data settings properly, and make sure there are no errors present in those modules.

  1. Before anything, make sure you are in a area with proper network coverage.

  2. Then go to Settings>Cellular> Cellular Data, and make sure that Cellular Data is set to ON.

  3. Set the Data Roaming option to ON as well, as that is a possible fix for few operators which can be found under Settings>Cellular>Data Roaming.

  4. Go to Settings>Carriers> Turn OFF Auto Carrier selection. This will turn off the Automatic Network/Carrier Selection as sometimes continuous change between the possible network operators may lead to development of the issue in the phone.

#3 Change Voice/Data Settings

There have been cases where changing the voice and data settings have helped in resolving the ‘No Service’ issue. Steps to be followed include:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Go to Cellular

  3. Go to Data option

  4. Select Voice and Data

  5. Switch between 4G to 3G or from 3G to 4G

Go back to home screen to check if network is available now. This might have been caused due to the area you are in being out of coverage for that particular voice/signal settings.

#4 Toggle Airplane Mode

Handy even outside the actual airplane, you can use this function to apply a refresh in your network settings and start the SIM services from the scratch again. Try keeping it off for sometime and then turning it on.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Airplane Mode.

  3. Switch ‘ON’ the Airplane mode.

  4. Keep it ‘ON’ for about 60 seconds.

  5. Then Turn it ‘OFF’.

Alternatively, swipe up in your screen and access the iPhone Control Centre. At the top left, find the Airplane Mode, and turn it ON and then OFF after a minute’s time.

#5 Reset the Network Settings

You should try resetting your whole network settings under Settings>General>Reset> Reset Network Settings. You’ll have to re-enter all your details like passwords and other initials for all the settings like WiFi, cellular data, VPS, and APN after the reset is done. Hopefully, this reset fixes your issues.

#6 Reset All Settings

Go to Settings>General>Click on Reset> Reset all settings> Enter PassCode> Confirm, this will reset all your settings to the way in which it came. All your data will be lost, so make sure that you have them backed up.

#7 Reinstall SIM Card

If the ‘No Service’ continues, it may be an issue with the hardware, like improper SIM card adjustment, which you should try inspecting and then reinserting it again

  • Open the tray with help of a SIM Ejector or Paperclip

  • Take out SIM Card

  • Check for signs of damage

  • Put the SIM back in the tray and close it.

  • Check if the issue is resolved

Note- You can further confirm on the SIM card’s functionality by testing it in a different phone. If by chance your SIM is not working or if you have noticed damage on it, you should contact your service provider for a replacement of the same.

While the same issue may show up for an Android phone too, the settings or interface of the iPhone might not be known to the new or inexperienced users. We hope that this article helps you in fixing the annoying ‘No Service’ before you hit the Apple Store looking for a replacement over your current iPhone.

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