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So, you’ve been using one of Samsung’s recent flagship phone over the years, the Samsung Galaxy S7. It was definitely a wise choice seeing that the future of phones or smartphones is Now with features like a total glass design, along with curved sides and top end hardware specs all yours for around $800.

The Samsung S7 is one of the top phones in the market right now and from Samsung which is sure to attract the regular tech savvy mobile enthusiast.

Though with the constant updates rolling and after heavy usage of all the phone features, several problems can start to appear over time and in this article, we have discussed the most common problems that can show up on your Samsung Galaxy S7. We have also tried to link the best possible solution or approach to be taken in the unfortunate case of the same happening to you.

Power and/or Volume Button problem

One of the major issues reported among multiple users is that the power and volume button stop working on their Galaxy S7. You might be surprised to find that one of the simplest verified fixes is a simple reset which can be done by holding both the buttons together at the same time. This will effectively restart your phone and should turn the buttons to become responsive again.

Though this might sound unorthodox, this solution has worked for 70% of the damaged phones, and its recommended you try this simple fix before running around the stores.


An unavoidable issue that will show up in any device after prolonged usage of its available software and hardware capacity. Most users of the S7 report the problem of their phone changing its base temperature shows constantly while they charge their phone. This can be tackled by simply not using your phone for that hour of few hours.

However, if even with you are not disturbing the phone, and the problem is being persistent, the problem might be with the Fast Charging technology and many users have got this unnecessary problem taken care of by Turning Off the settings in the Fast Charge option. This can be done by, going to Settings > Battery > Fast Cable Charging (Off), which by default is set to ON.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Well there have been a number of reported issues that a Samsung Galaxy S7 is experiencing Bluetooth issues which is preventing it from being discoverable to specific to Speakers or car audio systems. The same consumers also inform that the Galaxy phone fails to send contact or music information over Bluetooth ideally though the parent company, Samsung denies this being an issue.

The best thing you can do here before approaching a Samsung store, is to try to check the working and overall status of the Bluetooth connection offered by the phone.

This can be done by navigating to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > More > Show System Apps. Scrolling towards the bottom, you will find a ‘Bluetooth Share’ button, make sure that option is checked or try restarting the same module of the phone.

This step along with clearing the cache and data present in the phone, has fixed the same issue for a number S8 owners.

WiFi Problem

Various reports suggest that some of the Samsung owners are having troubles with the WiFi which may include syncs not happening properly in apps like Gmail and other similar services.

This is a common bug issue that many new phones with new updates experience, and the issue has to be checked by Samsung itself though sometimes its seen that disabling other phone features like Bluetooth and Specific App Access to internet connectivity (Location, various social media) might just help.

Warning: Camera Failed’ trouble

Even with the latest camera specs available in your phone, you might be one of the few unlucky Samsung Galaxy S7 users to experience this breakdown of the camera app of the phone, when you try to access the same. Before you start panicking over the situation, we have rounded of the things you can try to get the matter handled by yourself.

The simplest option here, is doing a hard-reset of the phone by holding the Home and Power buttons together till you can feel the phone vibrate and restart.

Even if the hard-reset has failed and you are still greeted by the dreadful message as you open the camera, the second approach available is to Force Stop the Camera app and then clearing the cache and data which can be done over at Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Camera App > Force Stop (Tap), followed by Settings > Storage > Clear Data(Tap) > Clear cache(Tap).

This resolved the problem for most of the users but if your camera is still not accessible, there is one last thing that we can try before contacting our certified dealer.

With the Galaxy S7 turned off, pressing and holding the Power, Home and Volume button together for a few moments will result in the appearance of the Samsung logo, and once you see the logo, you should release the hold from the buttons. This launces your phone’s Android System recovery mode and using the volume buttons to navigate, scroll down the given list and select the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ with the power button. Now restart your phone and hope that this fixes the issue.

If the App still doesn’t open, the best thing now would be contacting the factory outlet for a risk-free solution.

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a top performing phone and this issues just might show up even if you take the best of care with your device. And after asking around numerous users this our best try to round off all the common issues followed by the solutions to them.

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