Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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FREE Pick Up and Drop Off Service!

We aim to make things easy for you. With our new service we do all the leg work and can pick up you device from your location, repair it and then return it to you once it has been completed at no extra charge.

We generally offer this service to customers in a 15km radius of our business but give us a call and exceptions can be made.

Galaxy Note 8 Repairs – New Parts in Store

In 2017 Samsung presented to the world their most futuristic and modern smartphone design to date, the Galaxy Note 8. Featuring a front and back glass casing and the most versatile stylus available, the Note 8 is the perfect companion for busy entrepreneurs and power users.

Damage to your Galaxy Note 8 will not only ruin the look of the device but can also affect your productivity. Cracked glass creates a difficult-to-use surface as well as a safety hazard and a decaying battery from sustained use will reduce your screen time and your processor speed.

Repair your Galaxy Note 8 at Perth Phone Fix and stay productive.

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