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Smartphones Rival Laptops. In Price.

Mobile phones are no longer only to talk and text on. They’re more powerful than most laptops, cost
thousands of dollars and are, unfortunately, easily damaged. This high price forces many consumers to
buy their smartphones with carrier subsidies. These subsidies often incur hefty fees if a damaged
smartphone is not repaired.
Along with carrier fees, a damaged device greatly reduces resale value and can even void a lease plan.
Stated on Optus’ website, a damaged device can cost up to $499 to replace. This presents a problem
as lease plans will be the most popular smartphone plan over the next 24 months.

Resale and Trade-Up values are Diminished

2017 saw the most expensive iPhone and Galaxy Note8 released, with astonishing $1,829 and $1,499
price tags. Devices like these should stay in great condition inside and out to ensure there are no
surprise penalty fees from carriers and resale values are as high as possible.
As carriers have begun rolling out Trade Up programs it’s become far more important to keep your
device as damage free as possible. Damaged displays, casings or buttons can completely end free or
$99 upgrades to newer smartphone models. Although, have that display repaired and you’re on your
way to the latest device for less than 20% the price.
It isn’t only Trade Ups that are revoked by damaged devices either. Resale values plummet when a
device has a damaged display or battery issues. iPhones listed with a cracked displays sell for
hundreds-of-dollars less than damage-free options. Repairing an iPhone display adds more value than
the cost of the repair. It’s a no-brainer to consider and shop around for a repair shop to fix your device.
It can add hundreds to its sale price.

Choosing a Repair Shop

It’s important to remember that not all repair shops are created equal. The use of subpar displays,
batteries, and buttons lead further damage, void warranty and stop any chance of a Trade Up or a good resale price.
This makes it crucial to choose a quality repair shop for your smartphone repairs. Look for a certified
repair store and check for online reviews. Remember smartphones damaged during repair have their
warranty dropped. Leaving you thousands of dollars out of pocket.
It’s also vital that repair shops you select, use only the highest quality materials. This is also a factor in
Trade Up programs. Retailers will check that your device is still in its genuine working order before
accepting it. Another con of low-grade parts is a weak display or fragile casing are far more prone to
damage when dropped.

Repair. Don’t Replace

Around every 12 months, new smartphone models are released. Repairing these newer models is far
cheaper than a brand-new replacement. Buying a new smartphone to replace a damaged one at the
end of its lifecycle means you’re buying new, at full price. A newer model may be right around the
corner, and your newly purchased handset is about to be obsolete.
A simple, and more affordable, repair means you’re spending a fraction of the cost and can sell your
device at market value when it’s time to upgrade. It’s always better to consider a repair before purchasing an entirely new handset.

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