The Cost Of Fixing Or Upgrading To A New Device?

What Happened?

It’s happened to everyone. You’ve overcharged your smartphone and ruined the battery. Dropped it on

the pavement and shattered the display or chipped the casing. Living with this damage is frustrating.

Though, no matter how frustrating, it’s still difficult to convince yourself to have it repaired.

Sometimes it’s just more fun to buy a shiny new smartphone and skip the repair. What’s forgotten is

that a new smartphone is only the latest model for so long. Don’t be caught spending top dollar buying

a soon-to-be obsolete smartphone model. A full-service repair can get you that shiny new device, and

save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process. And you still get the shiny new phone!


Most manufacturers now include great warranty programs, but some damage isn’t covered. Take Apple

Care for example. On paper, it looks great but costs $229 for what is essentially very slightly extended

warranty. Extended warranty that only discounts repairs, it doesn’t cover them entirely. Apple Care

drops display repairs to $45 and extra services to $149. Which, for most people, would work out more

costly than a single repair with a repair shop.

This means purchasing that extended warranty is costing you up to $378 for your first repair. Far more

than a quality repair shop. There’s also the possibility that you’ll never actually cash in on Apple Care,

so you’ve spent $229 for nothing but peace of mind.

Older Devices

People with ‘vintage’ or ‘unsupported’ devices such as iPhone 4, 4s or 5 often miss out on free or paid

repairs from manufacturers. Repair shops provide their older stock to repair older devices for well

below what carriers or manufacturers would.

A common issue with older smartphones is their battery issues. This is where repair shops can really

assist. Customers not in the market to upgrade their devices or prefer an older design or size can

benefit from third-party repairs. Repair stores offer competitive rates to rejuvenate older devices

which are far below the cost of upgrading to a new device.

Take an iPhone 4 or 4S for example. On release day these devices cost $999. That’s an incentive to keep

them in good condition, whether it be for yourself or your child’s first smartphone. Quality repair shops

have the skill and parts to rejuvenate these devices. Whereas manufacturers drop support for these

devices within a year or two, forcing you to pay a premium to have them repaired.

Repair Costs Fall Over Time

Many consumers who search for repairs when they first buy their device are normally turned away by

high prices. But it’s important to remember, that just as the price of technology falls over time (usually)

so do repair costs. As stated on CNBC, when the iPhone 6S was first released, display repairs were well

over $600. Within 3 months of release, that price had fallen to below $200.

It’s always a good idea to keep yourself informed with the latest service prices and repair costs. Prices

change over time, don’t reject repairs forever believing their initial costs will always remain the same

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