The Repair Industry Bigger Than You Think

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What Really Happens After You Break Your Phone?

It Happens Every 2 Seconds

It’s the moment your heart drops, you don’t want to pick it up. The moment when you’ve stepped out of
the car, or out of your chair and your $1,500 phone’s slipped out of your pocket and landed on the floor.
Although it’s better to not think about your phone smashing, SquareTrade has revealed that in the
US alone a smartphone display cracks every 2 seconds. So with those odds, there’s a high chance
you’ll smash yours too. Whether you’ve broken your smartphone or not, it’s a good idea to keep an eye
out for your local, quality, repair shop. So you know exactly where to go in the event your phone does break.

Repair Points are Everywhere

As smartphones outpace everything else as the most personal and most popular device in the world,
it’s lead to a rush of adrenaline in the repair sector. Market analysts have revealed that many
companies, that don’t even work within the smartphone industry, are now offering repair services.
Take the United States’ office supplies retailer Staples for example. The company has begun offering
in-store smartphone repairs, in new mini repair shops within their main stores. This has become a
major convenience. Customers can enter a Staples store, hand over their device, do their shopping and
return to the register to pay for their items – and collect their device at the same time.

Refurbishing For Personal Use.

Many consumers are even opting to hand over their devices for a simple refurbishment when they’re
not even planning to sell them. Services like display replacements, camera glass/module replacements
or scratched home button repairs are some of the many popular refurbishments. It’s almost always
cheaper to give your smartphone some ‘cosmetic surgery’ to make it look and feel new again.
If you’re planning to do this, there’s always that one thing to remember – always ensure you choose a
repair store with quality parts. Genuine parts are essential to getting back that sleek new look your
smartphone had. Don’t risk going to a subpar store and getting a creamy-white display or casing that creaks.

The industry is huge. And Getting Bigger

As of 2016 the national smartphone repair industry is worth more than $2bn, employs over 10,000
people and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s 5 times larger than the entire Australian organic foods industry.
These statistics should tell you one thing. As the number of competitors in the sector increases so
does affordability. As supermarkets, stationery stores and smartphone retailers begin offering repairs
it forces the market to be more competitive. This raises the quality of repairs, lowers repair costs andincreases your return on smartphone sales!

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