Wildlife In Perth

Wildlife in and around Perth is what attracts most of the tourists, with a variety of indigenous species to West Australia. All of them are found in and around Perth, and these below are a few of them all waiting to be explored and discovered by you.


We can spot Western Grey Kangaroos at a number of locations in Perth – they are best seen at dawn and dusk. Heirisson Island, located east of the CBD; Yanchep National Park, nestled on the shores of a lake and amid coastal woodland; and Whiteman Park, a popular recreation and conservation reserve in the Swan Valley, which is a biodiversity hotspot, providing habitat for a range of fauna, including 800 kangaroos.


The first settlers named their colony “Swan River Colony” because black swans lived on the riverbanks. You can still see these majestic birds along the Swan River, in particular South Perth and Matilda Bay; on Lake Monger Reserve; Herdsman Lake; Bibra Lake; and Claremont and Shenton Park Lakes


These small marine birds can be found swimming freely in the Shoalwater Marine Park in Rockingham. Rockingham Wild Encounters operate an hourly ferry service to Penguin Island – home to WA’s largest colony of fairy penguins. Get up close and learn all about the penguins at the Discovery Centre with three penguin feeding session daily with expert commentary.


Rockingham’s Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is one of Perth favourite natural wonders. Join a sea kayaking expedition or cruise amongst the chain of islands, including Seal Island where you’ll see Australian Sea Lions lazing on the beach or playing in the surrounding waters. We can also view sea lions on a glass-bottom boat or adventure cruise.


Thousands of speices of native birdlife can be found national and regional parks and reserves across the region, with many fantastic birdwatching locations. Spot Western Wattlebirds, Sacred Kingfishers and Western Spinebills at Kings Park; White-faced Heron, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Cockatoos and Kookaburras at Araluen Botanic Park; swamp hens in Yanchep National Park and a variety of species at Yanchep National Park, John Forrest National Park, Avon Valley National Park, Greenmount National Park and more.


Rottnest’s Island’s West End Boardwalk provides a fantastic opportunites to see nesting shearwater birds as well as osprey nests known to be over 70 years old. With 50 species of seabirds found around Rockingham, including the largest colony of pelican of pelicans in WA, it is an important nesting, feeding and roosting site for many birds which you can learn about at the intrepretive centre. 


Rottnest Island is home to a colony of New Zealand Fur Seals. We can spot them playing in the water and basking on the rocks from a fantastic new viewing platform at Cathedral Rocks at the West End of the island. We can get there by bike or on the Island Explorer bus, but is closed to diving and boating.


On Rottnest Island, you’ll meet the cutest mini marsupial, found only in Western Australia, the world famous quokka! Quokkas are generally nocturnal and spend most of the day sleeping and resting under shady bushes and dense vegetation. On the island they can be seen opportunistically feeding during the day.


Rottnest Island is a haven for snorkellers and divers alike. Sitting in the path of the warm Leeuwin Current, the island boasts 135 species of tropical species – as compared to 11 off the metropolitan coastline. The current also brings visitors such as whales and the green turtle. Step off the beach (there are 20 to choose from) and follow one of the snorkel trails or join tour to explore the coral reefs and wrecks off this island paradise.

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